Gains Candy Supresa 50Caps

Gains Candy Supresa 50Caps

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Gains Candy Supresa 50Caps

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  • GAINS CANDY SUPRESA™ - SUPPRESS APPETITE & CONTROL CRAVINGS Gains Candy Supresa™ is powered by an extract ofCrocus sativus L. saffron stigmas, is rich in safranal, crocin and picrocin. This proprietary extract is standardized to >0.3% safranal. That’s a lot of fancy science words that really mean Supresa™ is a 100% natural saffron flower extract that promotes a sense ofpositive wellbeing while reducing cravings†… Supresa is the ONLY saffron-based weight loss ingredient with patent protection in global markets. And with this patented certification comes results that the “competition” just can’t duplicate no matter how hard they try to BS…Including the incredible results in several studies in regards to snacking reduction and healthy weight management.

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule twice daily with your morning and evening meal.


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