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Gains Candy Dynamine Mood & Energy 60Caps

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Are you super sensitive to stimulants but still want something to boost energy and get you in the zone for your workout? Looking to add a little something extra to take your workouts and the mind-muscle connection to the next level? Introducing Gains Candy Dynamine - Mood & Energy! What is Dynamine, how does it work, and what benefits can you expect to see from this sensational ingredient? Dynamine is a compound made up primarily of methylliberine, a pure alkaloid, much like caffeine, that occurs in nature and is present in coffee beans and certain kinds of teas. Dynamine works by preventing adenosine from binding to its receptors--which causes sleepiness and fatigue. By blocking the process, the supplement can cause an increase in energy and alertness. Dynamine also enhances the effects of dopamine in the body, which helps boost memory, cognitive sharpness, and feelings of happiness. Dynamine comes with a plethora of benefits without the unpleasant drawbacks of chemical stimulants. Benefits such as Increased energy, increased level of mental alertness, improved physical performance, a feeling of euphoria in the body, leaving you feeling happy and content, improved mind-muscle connection so you are able to be more precise and exact with your workout, increased fat and calorie burning, on top of no dreaded crash, no unwanted side effects from stimulants, and no impact on sleep! By taking a natural stimulant like dynamine, you can make sure you're only putting natural substances into your body, and also that you're providing yourself with any energy boost necessary to push yourself to the max when you lift!

Benefits & Results:

* Increased performance in the gym

* Boost mental alertness

* Outstanding mind-muscle connection

* No dreaded crash

* No unwanted side effects from chemical stimulants

Directions: Gains Candy Dynamine was developed to allow you to customize your workout experience. We suggest to take it on its own or stacked with other Alpha Lion Products.

Stacked with SUPERHUMAN pre-workout - As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules with 1 scoop of SUPERHUMAN 15-30 minutes before you workout.

Stacked with KOMODO PUMP - As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules with 1 scoop of KOMODO PUMP 15-30 minutes before your workout.

Stacked with TeaCrine + Caffeine - As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules with 1-2 capsules of TeaCrine and a cup of coffee.

On its own - As a dietary supplement, start with 1-2 capsules 15-30 minutes before your workout or starting your work day. You may increase to 4 capsules if required.