Essentials Gold Stack

Essentials Gold Stack
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  • Ever feel like your hard work in the gym isn’t paying off as much as it should? Looking to maximize performance in the gym... accelerate recovery between workouts... hit new levels of strength and power... boost your overall training volume... Break through and conquer your workouts with the Essentials Gold Stack!

    Myofeed by Purus Labs is a high quality, gently processed, low-temperature filtered blend of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and 100% micellar casein. Each serving contains 22 grams of pure, complete protein derived from two different milk sources that digest and absorb at different rates to ignite muscle protein synthesis and keep amino acid levels in systemic circulation elevated for hours! This combination provides the perfect anabolic state for maximizing muscle growth and repair!

    On top of the ultra-high quality, Myofeed also contains Organic Agave Inulin fiber to help increase nutrient absorption and digestive health, and Aminogen -- a patented blend of digestive protease enzymes designed to improve protein digestion and increase amino acid levels absorbed from dietary protein. 

    Amino EAA + Hydration by Inspired Nutraceuticals is an anabolic powerhouse that's potently dosed with all nine Essential Amino Acids, contains clinical doses of both Betaine Anhydrous and Taurine, and is formulated with Aquamin, Pink Himalayan Salt, and electrolytes to help improve overall athletic performance, enhance muscle tissue growth, preserve lean muscle tissue, boost endurance, strength, and power, and even help with better sleep quality. Amino is an athlete's dream, helping you achieve your physique and fitness goals faster than you've ever imagined!

    K-XR Pre-workout is formulated with a super potent stimulant and nootropic blend to deliver continuous and powerful energy, along with crystal clear focus allowing you to perform at your peak throughout your entire workout! This blend is topped off with ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, Taurine, and ElevATP to boost muscular endurance, increase hydration and muscle pumps, and enhance strength and power levels!

    The newest version of CR-3 by Inspired Nutraceuticals takes creatine hydrochloride at 1,200mg plus creatine nitrate at 1,200mg and combines it with two very synergistic support ingredients in AstraGin and Senactiv. These additions not only help to enhance creatine absorption and further boost ATP levels, but also provides 2 additional benefits that make this formula truly exceptional and unique - enhanced VO2 max and muscular endurance support!

    The addition of creatine nitrate provides benefits far beyond that of normal creatine supplementation. Nitrates have the distinct ability to reduce oxygen depletion and therefore help you train longer and harder. Nitrates can also increase energy supplies to muscles for increased performance. By binding creatine to nitrates rather than monohydrates, this delivers a double punch for increasing training abilities and increasing athletic performance! Creatine Nitrate as NO3-T is also an incredibly powerful nitric oxide booster that comes along with a long list of other workout and fitness benefits such as increasing blood flow to help deliver fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to muscles, and remove lactic acid buildup in the muscle to help improve your workout performance!

    Alpha Evolve by SelfE is a revolutionary and comprehensive testosterone support system that is formulated to ensure testosterone reaches optimum levels for not only sexual health, but for peak athletic performance and muscular hypertrophy as well. This comprehensive blend contains  micronutrients that are vital for hormonal health, and play a key role in ensuring optimal testosterone levels, natural herbs and extracts that have been clinically proven to raise serum testosterone levels, boost free roaming testosterone, and help the body produce more testosterone, and a specific blend of extracts and adaptogenic herbs that helps regulate estrogen and cortisol.

    Increase explosiveness and athletic performance

    Train longer and harder

    * Enhance strength and power levels

    Colossal and relentless energy

    * Immense and intense focus  

    Stimulate muscle protein synthesis for improved muscle growth

    * 22 grams of high quality protein per serving

    Fast and slow digesting proteins to maximize recovery

    Boost testosterone to optimal levels

    Regulate estrogen and cortisol

    Directions: Myofeed - Add your desired amount of protein to a shaker with 6-8 oz of water per serving and shake vigorously. If you find yourself shaker-less, our protein can be added into a glass of water and stirred. If you like your shake sweeter, use less water. Add more water for a less bold taste. -- Amino EAA + Hydration - Mix one serving (1 scoop) per 8-16oz. of cold water before, during, or after workout. AMINO can also be taken throughout the day on training or non-training days. -- K-XR -To assess tolerance, start by using one half of a scoop mixed in 6-8 oz of water & consume 15-20 minutes prior to physical activity/weight training. For normal suggested use, mix 1 scoop into 10-12 oz of water and consume approximately 15-20 minutes prior to physical activity/weight training. Don not exceed 1 scoop/serving within 8 hours and do not consume more than 2 scoops in a 24 hour time period. -- CR-3 - Take one serving (4 capsules) 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. On non-training days, one serving may be split: 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules 6-8 hours later. -- Alpha EvolveTake one serving (3 capsules) in the morning with or without food. Take one serving (3 capsules) in the evening before bed. DO NOT EXCEED 6 CAPSULES PER DAY. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.

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