Double Impact 20srv

Double Impact 20srv
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  • Apollon Nutrition Double Impact Highlights High Stimulant Pre-Workout Experience Only For Experienced Users God Pumps Considering The Stims Amazing Focus and Energy Does Not Taste The Best Because of The Ingredients Double Impact PWO Supp Facts L-Citrulline (7000mg) This is a precursor to arginine, which in turn may increase nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide improves blood flow and this my friend is what increases those pumps you look for in the gym. Beta Alanine (3500mg) This is an ingredient that through a chain of reactions in your body, results in the improved buffering in lactic acid buildup in the body. This is also an ingredient that is commonly known for "the tingles" we all enjoy in our pre-workouts. Betaine Anhydrous (2500mg) This is an amino acid with many benefits. The most imporant here is its ability to be an effective osmolyte. L-Tyrosine (2000mg) Releases dopamine in the body, which aids in focus and mood elevation experience. Agmatine Sulfate (1500mg) This is an ingredient that aids in your pumps through inhibiting an enzyme that regulates nitric oxide levels in your body. This means more pumps for longer periods of time. Alpha GPC (600mg) Raises acetylcholine levels in the brain. This aids in focus and other neuro functions. Important for the mind-muscle connection. Beta Phenylethylamine (500mg) Increases dopamine release in the body, furthering the mood elevation experience. Juglans Regia Extract Awesome Stimulant Theobromine (300mg) Similar structure to caffeine but with different mechanisms. Himalayan Pink Salt (250mg) Provides trace minerals, and may support improved hydration. Proper hydration is very important for performance and pumps. Rhodiola Rosea Extract (300mg) This is an adaptogen. Adaptagens may aid against fatigue, anxiety, and can elevate mood. elevATP (150mg) Aids with ATP production. ATP is the energy currency of your cells, meaning this ingredient can help with performance. Astragin (50mg) Helps your body absorb and use the amino acids in this pre-workout. Hordenine (75 mg) Hordenine acts as an extreme energizer/fat-burning ingredient in Double Impact Pre Workout. This also helps extend the life of the PEA's here. Alpha Yohimbine (2 mg) Alpha Yohimbine is a great addition to the formula. 2.5mg of Alpha Yo can be too much for some users, but if you love that intense yet smooth feeling, you’ll love this pre workout. Caffeine Anhydrous (450 mg) & Di Caffeine Malate (200mg) This is on the higher end of caffeine dosages in pre workouts and plays into the heavy energy kick from Double Impact Pre Workout. Eria Jarensis Extract (300 mg) This is similar to Beta PEA and is in pre workouts for mood elevation and a euphoric effect. Lion’s Mane Extract (1 g) Lion’s Mane Extract is another adaptogen that oftentimes helps with preventing fatigue. Is Double Impact For Me? This is really for high stim pre-workout users. Experienced pre-workout users. This is for people that do not mind the flavor as long as the effects are awesome.



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