Core Hard 84Caps

Core Hard 84Caps

Core Nutritionals

Core Hard 84Caps

Core Nutritionals
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  • You've been bulking and busting your a** in the gym to sculpt your body, continually getting stronger week by week, building up that lean muscle mass in chest and arms, taking your legs from twigs to tree trunks, developing a wide, thick, and freakishly-strong back, and taking narrow shoulders into massive boulders. Or, maybe you've been killing it in the gym to lose off all the excess weight, going hard day in and day out, getting stronger and leaner, building up new muscle and now... you want to get absolutely PEELED and show off all that hard work!

    But, you've run into a barrier... your diet and training are absolutely on point, you're smashing the cardio, not missing any weight sessions, sticking to your diet like a champ, you're pushing your body to its absolute limits, and yet, something is still missing. You just can't seem to get that shredded, lean body or muscle hardness and density you've been striving to show off... well you're not alone! Sometimes we all need a little help or a little something extra to achieve the body recomp we've been dreaming of. This is where HARD by Core Nutritionals comes into play.

    Core Nutritionals HARD is a powerful body recomp and muscle hardening formula containing 5 specifically chosen ingredients that will work together synergistically to improve cortisol(our stress hormone), optimize testosterone, regulate estrogen levels, rapidly stimulate fat loss naturally, heighten lean muscle growth, increase measures of well-being, improve athletic performance, and boost stamina and power. This combination creates a balanced approach to delivering extreme muscle hardness, reducing water weight and that last bit of annoying, excess fat to help show off those "hard-earned" striations and muscle density you've been working so hard to obtain.

    When you want to get peeled and be hard, you need to get HARD. It’s that simple!

    * Reduce cortisol levels

    * Increases measures of well-being

    * Wipe away that last bit of stubborn fat hiding your abs and striations

    * Boost stamina and power

    * Increases the release and concentration of dopamine

    Directions: Take 1 capsule 2-3 times per day. For optimal results, take 1 capsule upon waking, 1 capsule midday, and 1 capsule before bed. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24 hour period. For best results, use for 4 to 8 weeks. Do not use for longer than 8 continuous weeks without taking a 4 week break.


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