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Get Your Supplement Sample Box for $9.99!
Get Your Supplement Sample Box for $9.99!

Edge Peak BCAA+EAA

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The perfect supplement to sip on during a workout - Featuring a full dosage of Branch Chain and Essential Amino Acids for recovery plus electrolytes and coconut water for hydration. Take your workouts to the peak.

For those looking to take their recovery and performance to the next level, Peak BCAA + EAA is your supplement. BCAAs are great - added EAAs are even better.

  • Loaded with a full dosage of both BCAAs and EAAs, you will be able to train harder and recover faster--two key ingredients to reaching your peak performance.
  • Advanced Hydration and Pump Complex featuring 500mg Coconut Water and 205mg Electrolytes.
  • 30 Servings