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Collagenic Burn 120Caps

by Obvi
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* 5 types of collagen - Type I, II, III, V, and X

* Incinerate body fat

* Boost energy and mood

* Hair, skin, and nail health

* Supports healthy bones and joints

* CLA (Innobio) to help with weight reduction


How does not only blowing your weight loss goals out of the water, but also looking your best with radiant skin, boosting energy levels and daily mood, comprehensive joint protection, and even a healthier gut than ever before sound? Too good to be true right? Well that's exactly what Collagenic Burn by Obvi accomplishes with this miraculous formulation!!

Collagenic Burn starts off with a combination off 5 different kinds of collagen (Types I, II, III, V, and X) to provide a plethora of sensational benefits. Type I is the most abundant collagen in the body and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin hydration and elasticity. Not only can it help rebuild your muscles, eyes, bones, and spine, it’s also useful for improving the strength of your nails and helping to grow stronger, glossier and thicker hair. Type II gives cartilage its tensile strength and elasticity, thereby enabling it to support and protect the joints by reducing inflammation and extending the durability of their joints. Type III increases elasticity of the skin, helps minimize wrinkles to get your youthful glow on, helps strengthen bones and nails, and also stimulates the production of amino acids, in particular Glycine. Glycine is the amino acid that is responsible for building muscle and burning fat. It is super important! Type V helps your skin retain it's moisture. This type is particularly important for women who are pregnant or are hoping to get pregnant. This type of protein is necessary for the development of the placenta which is an organ the body creates and attaches to the uterine lining in order to supply a growing baby with nutrients and oxygen. Type X is a key protein for bone and joint health. It has similar functions to type 2 collagen and, therefore, similar benefits in regard to joint health and arthritis care.

On top of the outstanding health benefits from the 5 types of collagen, Collagenic Burn is loaded with thermogenics to boost your metabolism and force your body to burn more calories, stimulants such as caffeine to increase energy levels and heighten mood, and CLA and Green Tea Extract to help with weight reduction, improve brain function, aid in using fat as energy. This potent combination of ingredients creates a dynamic duo of helping you burn through your fat loss goals while also looking and feeling your best!!