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PEScience Collagen 11oz

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BIOAVAILABLE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES- PEScience Collagen Peptides utilize the highest quality of collagen peptides available on the market. Be sure you are getting COLLAGEN PEPTIDES instead of inferior gelatin or collagen powder with PEScience. TYPE I AND III COLLAGEN - The two most valuable main forms of collagen found in skin, hair, and connective tissue. Inferior collagen products will have more type II, V, or X. NATURAL VITAMIN C FROM ACEROLA JUICE - Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, and without it your body will not be able to utilize any supplemental collagen you take. If you already consume enough or take a vitamin then you are probably okay, but we added it to be sure our product works for everyone. TASTELESS | MIXES INSTANTLY - Our Collagen Peptides are of such a high quality that they mix instantly and are virtually tasteless, but we went one step further by adding natural monk fruit to make them completely taste free. OTHER collagen products may have an off-taste, or they may get clumpy when you try to mix them. KETO | GLUTEN FREE - Collagen is fantastic on a keto diet, and we made sure that our product had no impurities like gluten that could interfere with certain individuals diets.

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