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Chemix GDA 180Caps

by Chemix
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* Shuttle carbohydrates into your cells for maximum nutrient partitioning

* Boost athletic performance

* Increase nutrient uptake for more natural energy 

* Increase carbohydrate assimilation and metabolism

* Block glucose (carbs) from storing as fat


How does drastically boosting endurance and athletic performance sound? How about priming the perfect anabolic environment for lean muscle growth? Or, how about losing weight and getting ripped, while still optimizing performance? No matter your fitness goal, utilizing macronutrients properly and efficiently is not only crucial... it is downright vital! Introducing the nutrient partitioning powerhouse GDA by Chemix!!

GDA is a comprehensive and clinically dosed nutrient partitioning agent scientifically formulated to drive glucose from the carbohydrates we consume into the muscle cells for storage as glycogen, which leads to bigger pumps, better nutrient delivery, increased performance, and the potential to build more muscle. This also aids in the ability to control high carbohydrate diets in the manner you want to produce results, making this the perfect addition to any bulking regimen. GDA is also ideal for those who are cutting weight, and who are sensitive to carbohydrates/glucose, and want to maintain high levels of performance. It optimizes nutrient absorption which leads to increased natural energy, and better recovery between workouts, blocks glucose from storing as fat so you can fuel your body and still acquire that ripped physique you're chasing, and helps offset those delightful cheat meals, so you utilize them to your advantage!

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) serving with 8-10 oz of water.

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Dave C.
United States United States
Chemix GDA Review

I haven't been a big GDA user in the past but this product definitely delivered for me when I consumed my largest carbohydrate meal of the day. I took a serving (3 capsules) about 15 minutes before my meal and the longer that I did this dosing/timing strategy, the leaner I saw my physique become. My largest meal was the meal I had immediately before bed and each morning I seemed to wake up leaner and harder than before. I felt this was great for getting in extra calories & carbohydrates without having to worry about any excessive fat gain. Overall, a tremendous product with some really great ingredients. All of which are fully disclosed and allows you to see the complete formula.