Big O Bar 9ct

Big O Bar 9ct

Big O Bar 9ct

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* 27 grams of high quality protein per bar

* Perfect on-the-go meal replacement

* Peanut Butter and MCTs for healthy fats

* 100% whey protein hydrolysate

* All whole-foods


Big-O Bars are the pinnacle of all whole-food meal replacements, based on it's four key ingredients - peanut butter, honey, 100% whey protein hydrolysate, and MCT oil! This ingredients are very nutrient dense, and work together very synergistically to keep you satiated. Being all whole foods, Big-O Bars are very easily digestible, and are the perfect meal on-the-go that will aid your body in daily physical performance and muscular recovery. Each bar delivers 27 grams of ultra high quality protein, along with peanut butter and MCTs for healthy fats, natural energy, and a cognitive boost to help you power through your day! Available in 2 delicious flavors - Birthday Cake and Fruit Cereal, Big-O Bars not only deliver high quality and nutrient dense calories, but are absolutely delectable as well!


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