Axe & Sledge Lean Muscle Stack

Axe & Sledge Lean Muscle Stack

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Axe & Sledge Lean Muscle Stack

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  • Whether you're an elite athlete, a professional bodybuilder, a world champion powerlifter, an endurance athlete, an avid gym-goer, or a weekend warrior; if you are looking to add lean muscle mass, increase strength and power, boost athletic performance, and take your training to the next level, the Axe & Sledge Lean Muscle Stack is for you! From top to bottom, the Lean Muscle Stack will help you build the muscle you want.

    This sensational "Lean Bulk" stack starts off with The Grind. The Grind is an EAA/BCAA + Hydration formula containing 5 grams of branch chain amino acids and 2.5 grams of essential amino acids, along with a hydration blend that will help you stay hydrated through the most intense of training sessions and assist in recovery. The Grind comes in several amazing flavors that can be taken intra- or post-workout, as well as throughout the day to keep your muscles feeling round, full, and hydrated, as well as enhance muscular recovery and endurance.

    Next, we have Hydraulic, a non-stimulant based pre-workout that you can actually feel! Unlike other non-stim pre-workouts, Hydraulic actually heats you up and sends a warm sensation to the body part you’re training which allows for enhanced mind-to-muscle connection. Hydraulic utilizes a combination of high-quality, patented ingredients that ensure that you’ll experience skin-splitting pumps, greater levels of blood flow, and increased power and strength. Hydraulic can be used as a stand-alone product, or it can be taken in conjunction with other stim-based pre-workouts for a more intense training session.

    Finishing off this muscle building beast, we have Manpower. Created specifically for the hardest workers in the room, Manpower from Axe & Sledge is the go-to product for those who are looking to boost their testosterone levels naturally. Manpower contains nine quality ingredients that have been proven to raise testosterone and enhance libido, allowing you to build more lean muscle mass while increasing power, strength, and stamina. If you’re experiencing low testosterone, then Manpower is the solution you’ve been looking for!

    * Boost muscular recovery

    * Hydrate the body for better performance and peak muscle contractions

    Increased blood flow and intense muscle pumps

    * Increased strength and power

    * Enhanced lean muscle mass

    * Boost endurance and stamina

    Directions: The Grind: Mix 1 scoop into 10-12oz. of cold water, your post-workout protein shake or any beverage of your choice. ideal to use during and post workout. Caffeine free - use any time of day or night. For best results, we recommend 2 servings per day. Hydraulic: Prior to training, take a big pump serving (1 scoop) or extreme pump serving (2 scoops) by mixing thoroughly with 8-10oz. of cold water or beverage of choice. Manpower: Take 3 capsules with 8-10oz. of water before your first meal of the day. take an additional capsule 6-8 hours later as needed.


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