Alpha Shredder 90Caps

Alpha Shredder 90Caps

Alpha Shredder 90Caps

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Working to obtain a shredded body can be a real struggle! Obstacles such as lack of energy or motivation, moodiness/irritability, and cravings that just won't let up. Luckily, Alpha Lion has formulated a comprehensive Metabolic Support system that will provide aid in every area of your weight loss journey, helping you overcome every obstacle of dieting and shredding body fat.

Alpha Shredder is potently and clinically dosed with scientifically researched ingredients that work together synergistically to deliver the most important aspect on any fat loss journey - RESULTS!! It starts off with an "All Day Energy Matrix" that will deliver clean and sustaining energy to help power you through your day, help you attack every workout at max intensity and peak performance, and maintain healthy brain function to remedy the dreaded brain fog that can come along with dieting. Next, we have the "Fat Burning Machine Matrix" that combines potent thermogenics to increase metabolism, and raise the body's core temperature so you burn more calories and increase energy expenditure, on top of ingredients such as Yohimbine HCL and Advantra Z. These two ingredients further aid in drastically increasing energy expenditure, energy production, and ramp up fat loss. Finally, we have the "X-Factor Matrix" which will aid in absorption of all ingredients, help weed off any excess water weight helping you obtain a shredded body, and also help provide a smooth energy feeling to combat jitters or nervousness.

* Incinerate body fat

* Daily sustaining energy and mental focus

* Potent thermogenics to boost the metabolism

* Enhanced mood/fight off irritability 

* Comprehensive metabolic support

* Helps fight cravings and curb appetite

Directions: As a dietary supplement take 1 serving (3 capsules) before breakfast. For the best results take another serving (3 capsules) after lunch.
Do not exceed 2 servings (6 capsules) per day.

Women & Beginners: As above but assess tolerance with 1-2 capsules first.

WARNING: This Is Not Your Everyday Fat Loss Product. Be Prepared to Experience The Powerful Effects Of Alpha Shredder Working To Destroy Your Ugly Fat!


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