Allmax Performance Stack

Allmax Performance Stack

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Allmax Performance Stack

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* Take athletic performance to new levels

* Increase muscle protein synthesis

* Enhance muscular recovery

* Increase muscular endurance & workload capabilities

* Insane muscle pumps

* Perform at your peak ability every workout

* Increased mind-to-muscle connections 

* Peak muscle contractions

The Allmax Performance Stack is complete with the fundamental supplementation to help improve overall athletic performance, enhance muscular recovery so you can continue to perform at your peak ability, and also support an active lifestyle. This stack is beneficial for every one from the serious athlete to the occasional gym goer and all types in between.

We start of with Isoflex, a sensational 100% Whey Isolate protein based around 3 concepts - Only the highest quality protein and ingredients, superlative purity, and delectable flavors. Allmax utilizes a unique protein extraction technology called Hybrid-Ratio Ion-Filtration, a dual isolate purification process which allows for a truly superior ultra-pure Whey Protein Isolate with an exceptionally high protein yield. For athletes, protein is going to be the staple of your diet providing monstrous benefits in muscular recovery, improvements in athletic performance, enhancing strength and lean muscle gains, and even lead to a stronger immune system. When you perform any type of resistance training, you create little micro-tears in your muscles. This is a good thing because when those tear recover, your muscle grows and becomes stronger. Proteins help repair damaged muscle tissue and build new lean tissue as part of your body’s adaptive process. In other words, lifting weight and protein are the PB & J of your muscle building sandwich.

Up next we have Carbion, a blend of super fast absorbing carbohydrates such as Cyclic Dextrin -  a soluble form of carbohydrate that's perfect pre, intra, and post-workout to power your training to new levels and refuel your body after a taxing workout. - and slow absorbing carbohydrates (such as Per4orm - 4 form phased release dextrin polysaccharide) to keep your body fueled throughout even the most grueling of training sessions! Carbs also help to support the recovery of your muscles after exercise, so you can continue to push your body to the limits. Carbion is also loaded with an "Electrolyte Hydration Blend" to keep your body fueled and hydrated throughout your workout and also allow for peak muscle contractions so you get the most out of every rep! This epic combination allows you to maintain blood glucose levels longer so you won't crash in the middle of your workout and you can push your body longer and harder at even the highest level of performance!

Next, we have MusclEAA. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and muscle tissue. Our bodies are constantly breaking down and building up muscle tissue. Exercise typically causes the muscles to break down, making it essential to get proper nutrition to help them rebuild and grow. Certain amino acids, like essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the most important when it comes to supporting healthy muscle tissue. Essential amino acids contain the branched chain amino acids PLUS six more that participate in metabolism and other crucial functions. For someone who is looking to see greater results in muscle building, EAAs can be superior to BCAAs alone, because all twenty amino acids are necessary for creating new muscle tissue. Taking a supplement that contains nine amino acids (EAAs) versus just three (BCAAs) is more likely to provide the necessary building blocks. EAAs can be especially useful for those who don’t meet their daily protein needs, because they likely need a wider range of amino acids for building new muscle tissue.

MusclEAA is is a full spectrum Essential Amino Acid blend containing 7000mg of EAAs, including 4,200 mg of muscle preserving BCAAs, specifically dosed to aid in maximizing muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown allowing you to maintain muscle mass while you cut weight. This blend is also scientifically proven to enhance mental focus, muscular endurance, and decrease fatigue during training. On top of all of these incredible training benefits, MUscleEAA is also the perfect tool to add to your arsenal to fuel recovery after tearing your body down day in and day out at the gym. Training without proper recovery can lead to an abundance of issues, including muscle fatigue, chronic fatigue, increased cortisol levels (stress), and even fat accumulation. Not good! If you're training hard and constantly sore there's a good chance you are lacking key nutrients like protein and amino acids that your body requires to recover and keep improving. Fuel your body pre-intra-post workout and continue to push to your peak ability every training session!

The last product of this astounding performance stack is Impact Pump! Impact Pump is the pinnacle of stimulant-free pump inducing formulas. It gives you the best of both worlds: energy and insane muscle pumps without the use of stimulants that can come with the dreaded "after-crash!" This is accomplished through Impact Pumps 4 matrix blend. Up first we have the "Nitric Oxide Vascularity Matrix". This matrix is a pump inducing duo of 6 grams of L-Citrulline Malate and 1 gram of Agmasure aka Agmatine Sulfate. This dynamic duo drastically increases nitric oxide blood levels and engorges the muscles with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients causing massive pumps thereby increasing your power output and overall muscle performance.

Next, we have "Growth Stimulating Pump Activator" matrix comprised of GlycerPump aka Glycerol Powder, Taurine, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. This potent combination improves anaerobic performance and overall exercise performance by decreasing exercise induced oxidation, as well as keeps you hydrated after your workout. This blend also aids in muscular endurance and the preservation of lean muscle mass.

Lastly, we have "Alphamind Advanced Focus" and "Advanced Absorption Blend." These Alphamind Advanced Focus blend contains Lion's Mane and Alpha GPC, two ingredients scientifically proven to increase cognitive abilities such as mental focus and concentration and delivers natural energy. This combination is the perfect recipe for excellent mid-to-muscle connections. The Advanced Absorption Blend contains Cinnamon and Bioperine! Cinnamon or in this product, Cinnulin PF, is a water soluble extract of cinnamon! This helps with healthy glucose levels which is important for pumps and improving absorption! Bioperine, or black pepper, helps with increasing nutrient absorption so you get more out of you workout! 


Isoflex:  Combine one 30 gram scoop of ISOFLEX protein powder with 1/2 cup, or 120 ml of water, juice or milk (most choose water or skim milk), depending on your preference, at any time during the day that you need a protein boost. Most athletes with elevated protein requirements double each serving with 2 scoops of ISOFLEX with about 1 cup (300 ml of water) providing 54 grams of pure protein. Most bodybuilders are aware that high levels of protein consumption are critical to their success. Most will aim for 1.5 to 3 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily depending on the intensity and frequency of their training and space their consumption throughout the day. ISOFLEX mixes well in a shaker cup but can be combined with other ingredients in a blender as a smoothie too

Carbion: Mix ½ Scoop CARBION+ with 12 oz of cold water and you’re ready to go. Additional water can be added if desired.

MusclEAA: To activate protein synthesis and increase muscle recovery*, take 1 scoop (9.32 g) of MUSCLEAA™ during weight training or any athletic event. On non-training days, MUSCLEAA™ can be taken anytime on an empty stomach. Mix 1 scoop into 17 oz (approx. 500 ml) bottle of water or a tall glass of water (2 cups). Shake or stir well. Take during workouts.

Impact Pump: Take 1 Scoop (12 g) with 10-12 oz of cold water 30 mins. before workout. For greater pumps, IMPACT PUMP stacks perfectly with Carbion+



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