Our products are formulated to help every type of athlete; from the competitive level bodybuilder, to the average health enthusiast & weekend warrior who wants to perform better than they did yesterday. We want to help make a difference in your training, and help you meet your goals.

VMI SportsĀ® was formed in 2012 for one reason- the need to create results driven and performance-oriented sports nutrition supplements, that work. We understand the human desire to always better your best.. to always succeed.. to win. That vision, motivation and inspiration we get from our inner self and those around us, is the very thing that fuels VMI every day to research, formulate and manufacture the very sports nutrition products that we put out; and make sure that they do what they say they will. Our products deliver results.

As a company with a board, having decades of supplement industry experience, we KNOW what it means to make products that work, and pride ourselves in making them to the highest standard the industry has come to expect. We do not and will not settle for anything less than the best.