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Transparent Labs


WHY Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs is dedicated to providing science backed products and formulations.

Sound cliché? Let us explain...

Some products are shams. Snake oil. Over promising and underdelivering. The supplement industry is ripe with unethical companies and dishonest sales tactics. But some products, formulations, ingredients, herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements can have statistically provable benefits, that can have dramatic impacts on your health and fitness goals. 

Most people think the name Transparent Labs originated from our "transparent" labeling/ingredient profiles, but really, it's much more than that. We set out to be completely transparent in our claims as well. 

Each benefit associated with each ingredient in every product we sell is linked to clinically published research, for completely independent review. 

We do not, have not, and will not sponsor ingredient studies because of the obvious bias that presents. 

At Transparent Labs, we let the ingredients and the associated evidence behind those ingredients, do the talking.