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WHY Glaxon

It's hard to say... Is Glaxon a comic book superhero in the form of an overly zealous astronaut? Is Glaxon a multi-media publishing brand? Is it a line of sports-nutrition dietary supplements? The answer is simply, yes. Glaxon, is all of these things with ambitious intent. To put it bluntly, Glaxon is not intended to be viewed as a life-style supplement brand. Glaxon is not marketed to be a Crossfit brand, nor a Gaming brand or a Body Building brand either. Glaxon does not belong to some celebrity fitness influencer. Glaxon is a brand with one simple goal in mind. "To make Awesome Sh!t" It is better to view Glaxon as a scientific experimental journey of the body and mind with an artistic twist that pays homage to the nostalgic.