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PEScience Symbiont-GI 90Caps

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Symbiont-GI is a full-spectrum all-in-one GI support product featuring premium digestive enzymes, LactoSpore® probiotic, and digestive aids like slippery elm bark and the patented PepZin GI®. This is gut support from top-to-bottom, that would normally be sold as 3 separate products. 3 CAPSULES DAILY EASY TO TAKE Symbiont-GI is very easy to take. At 3 capsules per day, you can either take all 3 with your first meal of the day, or your largest meal of the day. Alternatively, you can take 1 capsule, with 3 different meals. Symbiont-GI works best when taken daily, as some ingredients get better with time. Each bottle brings a 30 day supply. Vegan. Gluten Free.

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