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April 2019 New Supplements

April has been a huge month for new products to hit the supplement market. Each month the team here at Nutrition Faktory likes to keep a growing list of all the supplements that will be coming soon. We hope you enjoy this month's list of new supplements!

Redcon1 Total War White Walker Flavor

Just in time for Game of Thrones, Redcon1 has released this limited edition flavor of their popular pre-workout supplement, Total War. I love Game of Thrones so hopefully this product lives up to flavor. I have always wanted to see what I white walker tasted!

Optimum Protein Bar

You might be thinking that you thought Optimum had a protein bar. Well now they are releasing another. It's not as sweet as some of the other ones out there, but from what we have heard, it's delicious.

Controlled Labs White Warped

Controlled Labs has released a new product, which is pretty rare from this once industry giant. This product was released to go after the budget market. A cheap alternative to the overpriced pre-workout supplements in the industry.

‘Merica ‘Minos

‘Merica Labz is back with another supplement to add to their line of proteins, pre-workouts and energy drinks. This amino acid supplement will have a full 10 grams of all 9 essential amino acids. If it's like their other products, it will taste delicious!

Allmax Nutrition MCT Oil

One of the dominant players in the industry has released their first MCT Oil product. This is a liquid MCT Oil and has14.6g of MCTs. It is a 15ml serving size. Each serving is made up of 8.8g from C8 caprylic acid and the remaining 5.8g from C10 capric acid. Only disappointment is that it is unflavored for now. 

Black Magic Magic Eraser

This brand sort of came out of nowhere and has been gaining some momentum. They have a few products already including BZRK and Brain Waves. Their newest product being released is Magic Eraser. We don't know too much about the ingredients, but know it is going to be a potent fat burner.

Cellucor M5 Ultimate

While M5 has been around, Cellucor has always been a popular brand, so we wanted to mention the new M5 Ultimate product being released. Like the other Ultimate products, this one is fully transparent, and focuses on creatine, HMB, vitamin D and calcium. It's all about muscle building with this supplement.

Primeval Labs Pyretic Black

This is a power packed fat burner and weight loss supplement. You might be saying, you thought this product was already available. Well yes, but this is a more advanced version of their Pyretic fat burner. While the original was more towards fat burning and energy, this new advanced formula is about that and appetite suppressing, mood support and stress reduction.

Primeval Labs Ape Sh*t Cutz

Another release from this company. Loved this name when they had their pre-workout supplement, and now they are releasing a fat burner. They are hinting that it is very similar to the pre-workout, but with a lot more fat burning ingredients.

Nutrex Lipo6 Black Keto

Nutrex is releasing another version of its popular Lipo6 product with the Keto version. Not sure about you, but I have tons of friends on the keto diet, so this will probably be something they want to try as it is formulated with goBHB ketones.

Cellucor C4 On the Go Cotton Candy

I don't normally list flavors of products here, but I really enjoy C4 On the Go. It's something I like to drink when taking a break from BANG! This new flavor sounds delicious too. Looking forward to trying this one out.

Redcon1 Green Beret

Redcon1 has been talking about this product for quite a while, and this month it is finally being released in four flavors. What makes this product different than anything else Redcon1 has is that it is a vegan-friendly, plant-based protein.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde Icon

This will be slowly released to more and more retailers over time. While we don't know the ingredients at this time, it will be very exclusive and will hit home with all the Mr. Hyde fans in the world.

Xtend Natural Zero

This product is very similar to Xtend Free, which was available quite some time ago. That product had no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. This one is close, but sweetened with stevia and monk fruit.

Xtend Energy Drink

It doesn't stop there with Xtend. With the craze of energy drinks on the market now, they have released a 7 gram BCAA and 125mg caffeine energy drink. I do like the less caffeine for those days when we don't want 300!

PES Science Alphamine Capsules

I have used the powder in the past, and I was happy to see a new pill form of Alphamine. Slightly different ingredients than the powder, but the same goals, fat burning and energy.

PES Science Lipovate

This is a new fat burner that you can get right now. The difference from their other product is that it is stimulant free, but still focuses on natural energy and fat burning.

MTS Nutrition Vega-D3

One of our favorite brands on the market has just released a vegan friendly Vitamin D supplement. But not just any vitamin D, VegaDELight vitamin D3 derived from lichen.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Ridges

If you guessed it, great job! This is a protein chip, supposedly better than the Quest version? We will see though. 15g of protein with 5g of fat, 15g of carbohydrates, and 170 calories. Currently the flavors available are BBQ, Honey Siracha, Sour Cream, and Cheese.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Tumeric 95

Tumeric is a product I take every day for inflammation. And now Hi Tech has released it own version of Tumeric which looks very promising. This product should be available very shortly.

Insane Labz Strain

This is one of the first supplements to come out that is hemp infused and for pure energy. Pineapple Express is supposed to be the first flavor. Fits it just right!


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